Blaster Pro Power Pump P2500 Blaster

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The Blaster Pro Power Pump P2500 is a powerful, accurate blaster shooter utilizing a stored-energy, spring-powered, trigger-activated mechanism for accurate shooting. Blaster Pro utilizes a new technology ammo that disintegrates on impact. The Pump Action P2500 shoots over 75 feet, blasts at 150 feet per second and includes 2500 Blaster Pro Ammo rounds. Pump Action P2500 includes a 175 round capacity magazine which is interchangeable with all Blaster Pro product. The magazine comes with pre-hydrated, ready-to-fire rounds. Quickly make additional rounds by pouring dry ammo beads in water. Fully grown ammo rounds are 8mm. Pump Action P2500 is powerful, light and easy to maneuver and fires with high-speed precision. What really makes Blaster Pro unique is the new technology hydro ammo which is backyard safe. The ammo will not stain homes or furniture and will not break windows. Test your accuracy with the included hydro chromatic zombie target that changes blood red when hit!

The Blaster Pro Power Pump P2500 features:
-1 Pump Action P2500 Blaster
-1 Ammo Magazine
-1 hydro chromatic zombie target
-2500-piece Blaster Pro Ammo Refill
-Instruction Sheet