Edu Science Intelliglobe – World Discovery Series – Plastic Base

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The Edu Science Intelliglobe is a superbly entertaining and educational globe that uses technology to create an interactive and engaging experience. It lets you explore the world and learn about its countries and geography, discover amazing facts, and play games and trivia challenges. Use the included audio Intellipen to touch the Intelliglobe or World Discover Book, and get started learning!

The Intelliglobe – World Discovery Series – Plastic Base features:
-Includes Intelliglobe, base, World Discovery Book, Intellipen, and USB cable
-Explore, discover, and learn amazing facts and features with the Intelliglobe
-Audio Intellipen is interactive with the globe and World Discovery Book
-Touch & Explore, Compare, Find, and Trivia Challenge features
-Raised topographical globe makes it easy to see mountains
-Some functions are activated on the base
-Globe Diameter: 12 inches
-Base Dimensions: 7 x 10 inches
-Intellipen uses 2 AAA batteries