Tonka Mighty Motorized Vehicle – Front-Loader Garbage & Waste Department Truck (Green)

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This realistic Tonka Mighty Motorized Side Loader Garbage Truck with Figure in green from Funrise Toys has all the cool features of the real thing, including a power arm for up/down motion. Sturdy Tonka construction and incredible detail are combined in one great vehicle that includes realistic lights and sound, manual features, freewheeling capabilities, and accessories.

Did you know that “Tonka” means “great” in Sioux? It’s no surprise considering just how long this great, reliable brand of toy trucks has been around! In 1947, the first Tonka brand toy trucks were actually designed and manufactured by the Mound Metalcraft Company, a small garden toll manufacturer operating from a small schoolhouse basement in Minnesota. In their first year of operation, a staff of only a half dozen people produced a total of 37,000 metal trucks with two designs. This inventory sold out in just a few months as many post-World War II families quickly accepted this new toy. As a result, in 1949, the first Tonka dump truck was introduced launching the first generation of the Tonka brand’s family tree. Today, the Tonka brand upholds the same premise it was found on: a toy should be durable and provide the child with as much play value possible.